24 settembre 2014

Dianama - Sims 4: new nude dress V 1.2

in questa versione e stato possibile eliminare l'indumento fantasma che rimaneva impresso nel nudo
in this version it was possible to eliminate the ghost garment that remained imprinted in the nude

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    1. Download skin overlays and they will be there

  2. stiamo lavorando per questo.. :)
    we are working on this .. :)

  3. I can't find this in game. And I put this in with my other mods but still no luck. Please help! Thank you!

  4. I can't seem to find it either. Would love any help in finding it. Thanks for making this none the less I hope I can get this to work eventually. ^^

  5. I think I understand what you mean.
    before seeing your naked in the game, you have to go into your CAS and put your bare creation, in this way, follow this video:




  6. Ahh thanks! It does work didn't realize it wasn't an outfit more like a underwear less mod. :D Thanks Dianama help is appreciated as well as your hard work in getting this thing working. Also thanks for the fast response! ^^

  7. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! That was so helpful!!!!

  8. if it can be of help, have left the packages for the nipples and private parts of women, inserting these files with my naked 2.0, you get the perfect nude.
    are not my articles, you can find the link here:

  9. When my sims go in the shower, they get dressed in various random clothes. Without this mod all works fine. Have you're any idea?

  10. This version has been set as a top garment & bottom.
    inside the rar package you can find all the nudes including nipples and the mod no censorship.

    if you use the mod no censorship, and create a sim dressed, the when your sim will be in the shower, or going to the bathroom, you will see uncensored.

    a difference of 1.2 naked, nude 1.3 can be used as an undergarment, giving you the chance to choose what part to leave naked.

    I made sure to put in the folder, even the details of the nipples, and no censorship, but I have to say honestly, that were not created by me, I made​​, why they work well on my bare 1.3.

    before inserting this into your Mods folder, at the moment, remove all your naked and try this.


  11. Really loved how they worked in v1.2 as that completely removed autogenerated townies from running around nekkid (ie, able to randomly choose invisible clothing). This is in my opinion a better version than all other invisible clothes options.

    However, there is a glaring bug with both 1.2 and 1.3 after the Oct 1st patch and ghosts...all newly created sims after patch will shower and bathe with their clothes on, no matter what. Took me several hours to identify the two bare integral packages as the only culprit. Sims/households created before the Ghosts patch work perfectly with 1.2/1.3 also after patch. Some new flags was introduced that causes this I believe. Would really love to see an updated bare top/bottom integral set that solves this.

  12. and very strange, Because in my game I do not have this problem, I did a lot of tests and never Encountered this problem.
    I did do a lot of times the sim in the shower to see if it wore the vestitito random is not and never Happened.
    the next time I will make sure to uncheck the box kept on the random, with regard to the objects ghosts and resolved, as it is Able to detect and remove the bump map and the specular map.
    That having said, we will try to Improve the Subsequent creations thanks of your information.

  13. Hi, will you be updating this mod for the new patch?

    Thank you!